davidAbout David…

David began woodworking in his teenage years observing his father building projects in his garage.  Many of David’s early projects were “flat”.  He enjoyed building tables, cabinets, and antique furniture reproductions.  It was a unique upright desk of his mother’s, which required turned spindles that started his shift from “flat” to “curved” woodworking.  He began woodturning in 2007 and has been inspired by the wide variety of domestic and exotic hard woods from around the world.  The advantage of “segmented woodturning” allows David to explore a myriad of shapes, which are accentuated by the contrasting hard woods he carefully chooses, evoking the innate beauty that is already in the wood.

david2About the technique…

Many of these pieces are made from a technique called segmented woodturning.  Each vessel is made up of many individual wood segments cut from a plank of wood, mitered to a particular angle, then glued together to form rings.  These rings are stacked one upon the other to form a rough shape of the finished product.  The roughly shaped stack of rings is then placed on the wood lathe and turned at a variety of RPMs.  Cutting tools are used to remove wood until a final shape is achieved.  Sanding brings the piece to its final prefinished state.  An assortment of final sealers and finishes are then applied, sanded, and buffed to complete the process.


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